Thanks for saying all that, I was too afraid.

Minister Is A Verb

​So, yesterday I was proven wrong. America does elect fascists after all. The Greatest Generation must be rolling in their graves, wondering what they fought for.

I can only hope that the GOP will continue to be as ineffective at actually governing as they’ve been for the past many years, for their platform and this man’s statements make me scared for my many friends whom he and his will attack, as well as deeply concerned for my own future if these changes he’s mentioned get passed.

May God have mercy on the USA, as my fellow voters have just fraked things up beyond belief.

God IS love; love continues; love is not finished with us yet.

Find occasions to be grateful today and every day; express gratitude where it will do the most good.

Focus at least some time today on goals; work to get them done.

Continue seeking knowledge…

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